The only tailor-made mobility application for martial arts practitioners and all combat sports !

Created by passionate black belts and health professionals, FIGHT ON‘s mission is to support fighters in their mobility to help them perform.

Just like cardio and strength, mobility is an essential factor for any fighter (see Chapter at the bottom of the page : ‘ Why work on my mobility ? ‘ )

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FIGHT ON is perfect for REGULARITY and RESULTS: it forces you to work regularly, and that’s a good thing. So there are bound to be RESULTS.

I think it’s cool to have the choice between DAILY and SPECIFIC training on certain parts of the body. Personally, I like to work on flexibility in the adductor muscles.
PROFESSIONAL VALIDATION: The protocols were drawn up by a physiotherapist and VALIDATED by a sports doctor, so it’s QUALITY CONTENT.


WARM UP allows you to WARM UP every part of your body without forgetting anything, and the variety of exercises gives you IDEAS for DIVERSIFYING your warm-ups.

I highly recommend FIGHT ON for fighters of all levels.

Kevin OUMAR – TOP #10 France Pro MMA- Light Heavyweight

🥇2x French Kickboxing Champion 🥇5x French Sanda Champion

Kevin OUMAR - TOP #10 France Pro MMA- Light Heavyweight

Great for improving mobility in JJB

As a dedicated Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete and coach, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my mobility and performance on the tatami. That’s where FIGHT ON comes in.

One of the most impressive features of this application is its comprehensive mobility test. Thanks to this test, I was able to accurately assess my mobility strengths and weaknesses. Receiving a score and a grade gave me a better understanding of where I stand and where I need to focus my efforts to progress.

What I appreciate most is the way FIGHT ON highlights my work priorities. By identifying the specific areas I need to improve, this application provides me with an action plan. This allows me to structure my workouts effectively and maximize my progress.

The app also helps me find specific exercises for a particular area of the body I want to work on.

Thanks to FIGHT ON, I’ve been able to target my weaknesses, reinforce my strengths and significantly improve my mobility. I’m convinced that this application is an essential tool for any JJB practitioner wishing to reach his or her full potential.

If you’re serious about your JJB practice, I highly recommend you give FIGHT ON a try. It’s well worth the investment and will help you progress on the tatami.

Laurence Cousin Fouillat – 4th Dan BJJ – 🥇 World Champ 2007 🥇

Laurence Cousin Fouillat – 4th Dan BJJ – World Champ 2007

Innovative and indispensable application

As a professional RIZIN fighter, I know how crucial mobility and flexibility are in the cage. Every move, every dodge, every attack requires optimal agility and range of motion. That’s why I was delighted to discover FIGHT ON

The personalized mobility test offered by FIGHT ON is simply incredible. It precisely analyzes my strengths and weaknesses, identifying the priority areas where I can improve. And that’s not all: the app’s intelligent algorithm then selects specific videos to target these areas, providing me with exercises and stretches tailored to my unique needs.

Thanks to FIGHT ON, I’ve seen spectacular progress in my mobility and flexibility. I feel more agile, faster. Every training session becomes an opportunity to surpass myself.

I highly recommend FIGHT ON to all serious fighters looking to improve their performance.

Claire LOPEZ – Great Britain Top Team- Top #20 Worldwide Rankings Current Best Female Atomweight

Claire LOPEZ - MMA Pro - Great Britain Top Team

Innovative application, well done!

A great application that helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses! I quickly gained mobility and I can feel it in my footwork. I can’t do without it now….

Julien B

Original and effective application!

I had a major lack of mobility in my practice, both in my standing and ground fighting phases. The app is highly motivating and very effective for rapid progress. There’s such a variety of movements that you never get bored! A must-have if you want to be a fast, agile fighter. I highly recommend it.

Alban D

Very practical and indispensable

I particularly appreciate the adductor test, which allows me to see the evolution of my wide stance. This has enabled me to kick higher and wider, which is very useful for making my kata movements easier. Keep up the good work!

Stéphanie D

Excellent !

I’ve been lucky enough to be a beta tester, and I’ve become a lot more flexible! Everything is really personalized, and you can even work on your mobility specifically for your favorite fighting techniques! I just love it!

Kevin D

Performance, training preparation and wellness.

Quickly become aware of your strengths and weaknesses thanks to the unique complete and innovative test especially dedicated to fighters.

Only 10 minutes to get your complete mobility profile for FREE and find out your score!

Your Mobility sessions at home or at your training center


Exercise Videos

Training modes

fighting techniques


In order to bring you the best of mobility, each striking, throwing and submission technique has been finely analyzed by a health and movement professional.

Choose your techniques and discover how to perfect them with a 100% adapted protocol.


The powerful algorithm of FIGHT ON allows you to benefit from a training program personalized and adapted to your profile!

You will be able to access quality video sessions specially designed to allow you to progress over the long term and maintain your level at its best.

Access our warm-up program specially designed to prepare you just before your competition !

Whether you are passionate about MMA, Karate, Grappling, Judo, Boxing or any other sport, FIGHT ON is the ideal solution for you to progress at your own pace, according to your level, wherever and whenever you want.


Coaches, instructors, Senseï, FIGHT ON is also for you!

FIGHT ON will never replace a professional coach, but it will help improve your training sessions and diversify your coaching.

Let FIGHT ON guide you to diversify the flexibility and mobility part of your workouts: Enter the name of the technique or sequence you want your students to work on during your training sessions.

FIGHT ON will create a protocol that is 100% dedicated to your training movements and will prepare your students for the effort!


Did you like an exercise during your session? Do you want to keep it in your library?

With FIGHT ON, you can quickly find your favorite exercises by building your own library! Easily find all your favorites by filtering them by body zone or by type of exercise.

Don't wait any longer and join the community of fighters who have already embraced our app to improve their performance and physical well-being.

Download FIGHT ON for free on the App Store or Google Play and start performing in your favorite combat sport now !

*Why work on my mobility?

While FIGHT ON will allow you to reach a full split if you wish, there are many other reasons to work on your mobility:

By perfecting your full-body mobility, you move better, you move faster, your movements are smoother, faster, performed with more ease and with improved force transfer.

You gain in length and range of motion: you hit further, more accurately and harder. The dodges are more effective. The projections become easier to carry out. The body, freed from its constraints, tires less quickly. No more stiffness that prevents you from performing the optimal technical gesture!

For grapplers, it is also better to move on the ground, to pass techniques which require for example important openings of hips. It also means to better resist submissions such as arm, ankle or shoulder locks…and to give yourself every chance to win your fight.

Mobility is also about taking care of your body. You prepare yourself before your competition, you protect yourself from muscular and articular injuries, you alleviate aches and pains, you recover better after the effort.

Mobility is also relaxation. You become aware of your body, you improve your overall well-being.

Mobility improves the psychological aspect of the competitor and the fighter.

The body and mind are more than ever ready to face the pressure of combat.